Good value driving lessons

More and more I'm hearing from highly qualified driving instructors often with pass rates well above the national average, that the only thing people are interested in, is how much do they charge per lesson!

If you search for a suitable driving instructor based purely on their hourly rate you may find it costs you a lot more in the long run, not just in monetary terms but possibly the experience you have learning to drive and how many attempts it takes you to pass the driving test.

Statistics from the Driving Standards Agency are that nationwide the average number of lessons required to pass the driving test is around 44 hours of professional instruction and 22 hours of private practice. Approximately one in every three driving test candidates will pass on their first attempt.

Here are some examples of the true overall costs:

If you paid £22 per hour with a good driving instructor and took 44 hours, then you would have paid £968 + the test fee of currently £62 = £1030 if you pass first time. If you need a second attempt then let's say you had 4 more hours tuition and paid another £62 test fee, this would be an extra £150.

So first time pass = £1030

Passed on second attempt = £ 1180

The cost of driving lessons will vary from area to area and some good instructors will still offer cheaper lessons, but if you went purely for the cheapest without taking anything else into consideration then this next example would be very typical!

Let's say you paid £18 per hour, but this time it would be quite likely if your driving instructor was unable to teach you in a style that suited you, perhaps didn't monitor your progress, make you feel at ease, design the lessons to suit your ability and needs, your confidence and ability to drive to test standard would inevitably take longer.  You may need 60 or 80 hours to get to test standard!

60 hours at £18 per hour = £1080 + £62 test fee = £1142 if you pass first time!

In the majority of cases if it has taken longer before you go in for your first driving test, then it's likely you will need more attempts than average to pass. Pass rates will vary from test centre to test centre but fall in the region of 30% -45%.

So if you passed first time, the total is £1142

Second attempt – if 4 more hours were taken = £72 +£62 test fee = £1276

Third attempt –an extra £134 (4 hours + test) = £1410

Fourth attempt -£1410 + £134 = £1544

Fifth attempt = £1678 etc

It goes without saying that passing first time will make you a lot happier than needing several attempts and the appointment for a retest is often several weeks away, which can be really frustrating. The 4 hours extra to prepare for a retest given in these costing examples are absolute minimum as 2 hours are for the test day itself! So the cost would likely be more if you keep having a lesson a week which would be the minimum advised to increase your chances of passing.

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