Shine TV Series - Added 22 May 2014

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Do you want help to pass your driving test?

Are you struggling to learn to drive?

SHINE TV are making a brand-new series for ITV, helping struggling learners to pass their test.

We are offereing a FREE intensive driving course - worth up to £600 - with an expert instructor, and a free test for those who take part.

If you - or anyone you know - would be interested in hearing more about the series please do get in touch. We are looking all over the country for people who could benefit from the expert help.

To find out more, or potentially get involved, please email: or call 0207 483 6611.

Would you be ready to pass your test?

Nationwide the average number of lessons required to pass the driving test is around 44 hours of professional instruction and 22 hours of private practice (as quoted by the Driving Standards Agency).

Can you drive on all types of roads without being prompted too much by your instructor/ supervisor?

Can you carry out all manoeuvres accurately with good observation?

Understand the main driving faults which result in failing driving tests.

Be aware what you can and can't get away with -what constitutes a minor fault versus a more serious fault.

Don't assume you have failed if you make a mistake! Carry on concentrating on each aspect of the test as your mistake may be classed as minor.

On your test you may accumulate up to 15 minor faults and pass, however one serious or dangerous fault is a fail! See “Top ten driving faults” for full details.


Although passing the driving test is really important to seemingly everyone, you must remember that you can take a test as many times as you like until you pass.

It's not worth getting too worked up about (easier said than done!).

Ensuring you have had plenty of practice can help you feel more confident.

Carry out a mock test with your instructor to get used to how a test is carried out.

Get to the test centre in good time as you don't want to be feeling rushed.

Prior to your test, gain experience driving on some of the more challenging roads included on test routes.

Give yourself a chance!

Many people fail without even having the chance to show the examiner their driving ability!

Don't be late - If you are as little as 5 minutes late, your test may not go ahead.

Is your driving school / test car taxed?

This is often checked by the examiner and may have run out! If so your test will not go ahead!

Are all the lights working?

Check all the bulbs are working including brake lights - these are often checked as part of the "Show me tell me exercise" and if any are not working, they will need to be replaced very quickly. Check all lights in good time to give you the chance to replace any that aren’t working.

Do you have both parts of your driving licence?

You will need the counterpart as well as the plastic part. If you do not have both parts available to show the examiner - you will be on the road to nowhere!

If you have changed address, then make sure you write your current address on the bottom of your paper counterpart.