Free learner driver progress charts – Drivers Logbook

24 October 2011

Learners Guide highly recommend that any pupil learning to drive has some form of progress chart / pupil record booklet to help monitor the progress being made and the standard of driving on various roads, manoeuvres and dealing with hazards etc.

Click this link to download your Learner Driver Logbook  – This can help the driving instructor / supervisor to identify what has been covered up to date, the standard reached on each individual topic, the consistency of driving / dealing with each topic. Keeping a good record should ensure that topics a learner driver is comfortable with don’t get unnecessarily covered and any areas of focus are easily identified, so time / money can be spent wisely to get to a good standard and give the best preparation for the driving test. 

If you can’t print out the free downloadable Learner Driver Logbook, then if you send a self addressed envelope suitable for a 4 page A4 booklet (your free learner driver logbook) to Learners Guide, 45 London Road, Cheltenham, GL52 6HE – You will need supply the Stamps required for a large envelope!

Cars suitable for young drivers

17 September 2011

Coming soon on the Learners Guide, are details on second hand car dealers throughout the UK that regularly stock small used cars suitable for a first time buyer / young driver. With the cost of insurance for young drivers being quite simply extortionate, it has become more and more necessary for a young person to source a car which will fall under a low insurance group. As well as listing used car dealers in all areas of the UK, there will be pictures and details of each dealers small used cars they currently have in stock. These cars will have a low insurance group (between 1 – 5), car insurance groups can range anywhere from 1 – 20, with 1 being the cheapest to insure and 20 being the highest.

Only Young Drivers – Cheap car insurance for young drivers

24 May 2011

Only Young Drivers provides cheap car insurance for young drivers by using a unique over the phone risk assessment application and Only Young Drivers gives young motorists a quote based on their own merits. Only Young Driver are not on price comparison websites. If you are between 19 & 24 years old then you might want to get a quote for Young Drivers Insurance . If you’re a genuinely careful and responsible young driver, with a track record to prove it Only Young Drivers will help reduce the cost of your car insurance. What’s more our Only Young Drivers policies are provided by leading insurers to give the reassurance that you’re covered by companies you can trust.

Female driving instructor franchise opportunity in the Isleworth, Hounslow & Twickenham area.

17 May 2011

Female driving instructor wanted to join a local driving school

I am a Female Driving Instructor covering the Isleworth, Hounslow & Twickenham areas. A franchise opportunity has become available for the right person wishing to join a well established School….Owner Driver required… Low Start up fee!….For more information please contact Libby Driving School on 07890 892562 or email

European ruling hugely affects young persons car insurance premiums

1 March 2011

A European ruling coming into affect in December 2012 will make car insurance companies charge the same premiums for male and female drivers. This will have a huge impact on current car insurance premiums for woman and male drivers, especially young drivers newly qualified without any no claims discount. Currently each insurance company can choose how much they charge, taking into account the risk each insurer presents whilst trying to ensure a reasonable profit is made, which mainly dictates the insurance premiums charged for anything!

The average insurance premium is currently around £1700 for young newly qualified female drivers and a staggering £3700 for young male drivers first insurance premiums. The new rulings coming into effect in December 2012 will undoubtedly raise the premiums of young female drivers to match that of young male drivers and only time will tell whether the insurance companies are greedy and try raising female premiums to match that of their male counterparts without lowering young male drivers premiums. The likelihood is that insurance premiums for male drivers drop due to huge competition in the car insurance business, however it wouldn’t be a shock if insurance companies benefit from the new ruling and fail to average out premiums – £1700 + £3400 = £5100 leaving an average of £2550. By December 2012 the Learners Guide predicts an average insurance premium for both male and female drivers - newly qualified without time to take into account no claims discount, being just under £3000.

As car insurance for newly qualified drivers is getting a little bit silly, please click this link to read the Learners Guide’s article on how to get cheaper car insurance.

Cheap advertising for driving schools

10 February 2011

With the highest amount of unemployment between 17 and 24 year olds since the 1980’s, it’s no surprise that driving schools are struggling to keep anywhere near a full diary. Also there has been a trend for some time for woman to have children later on in life which has left less youngsters turning 17 and the numbers are set to decline even further for many years. We’re still seeing the like of Red driving school, spinning people the line that there is a good career in driving instruction, where you can “Earn over £30,000″, Train for a recession proof career ,  ”Work the hours you choose”   “It’s a job for life”...etc

With referrals being the backbone of most independent driving schools, many are finding it very hard when they start to dry up. This is because generating pupils through other means can be very expensive and hit and miss. With speaking to literally thousands of driving instructors over the last several months, not one form of advertising has stood out as a consistent worth while option. Many are in stuck between a rock and a hard place, in that they are so quiet they can’t afford to advertise and yet they need to do something to pick up the work to earn the money ! If  you are a driving instructor reading this and you would be interested in being promoted not just on this website, but having the most cost effective way of getting your driving school noticed, then you can trial our service for the first year for a token fee of just £40. There are limited places available and this offer is for a limited period only – the standard fee is still a very reasonable £80 with no obligation to continue if you don’t see the value. For more details on how it may work for you, please call Roger on 07931 137777 or email .

Are you looking for cheap driving lessons in Hull ?

18 December 2010

John Staples Hull Driving Instructor

The Learners Guide is happy to recommend another grade 6 driving instructor to our ever growing list of top quality highly experienced driving instructors. John Staples is offering lessons from £18 per hour (when 10 lessons are booked up front) with his standard hourly charge still being a very competitive £20 per hour. Why does the Learners guide feel this is extra value? Firstly grade 6 instructors quite simply have the highest grade (4 – 6) awarded by the Driving Standards Agency on ability to instruct. You can call John on 07790659872 or view his driving school details here John Staples Approved Driving Instructor Hull. With over 20 years experience, John has high pass rates, so increasing your chances of success on the driving test will ultimately save you money with less driving lessons required and test fees to keep paying out.

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