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Our Products And Services To Get A Licence

Woman with keys and license near the car at the parking

Driving Basics UK

We will teach you how to drive in a matter of just a few sessions with us. From basic maneuvers to safety procedures and parking a car, you will learn with confidence the driving basics UK.

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Driving Lesson Guide

Our qualified instructors have developed a simple driving lesson guide to help you understand and utilise the appropriate skills and knowledge according to your style. The guide covers the basics including safety precautions, manoeuvering, stopping, positions, signals and speed, to name a few.

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Instructor helps woman to drive the car
Instructor teaching to drive a car on the training ground

UK Learners Licence

On top of that, we also assist students in getting a UK learners licence. The requirements and steps will be further explained by our experienced instructors, so you can prepare your application in an organised fashion.

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Excellent Student Reviews

See what our students have to say about our services.

The instructor helped me in preparing for my test. It was well-organised. The guides were extremely helpful as I just read them when I need to refer to something. Thank you!
Adam Baker
Great test preparation
As a total beginner in driving, it can be nerve-wracking being on the road. But with sir Neil as my instructor, I was able to drive smoothly without having so much anxiety. He was able to teach me the basics and it was easily understandable.
Goerge P.
Easy-to-follow driving basic skills
Learning to drive with your school has nothing but positive reviews. All important materials were handed out to us students. They were very useful in learning the basic rules, and most especially they have the best and the nicest instructors.
Zoe Wilson
Perfect driving lessons!

Get Your Certificates

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