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    The first step to driving mastery is to get your learners licence from the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA). A learner or provisional licence costs £34. Contact us to learners guide and let us help you all the way.

    Once you have obtained your provisional licence, we are ready to help you all the way. Our approved lesson plans cover everything you need to get your UK drivers license and become a safe, confident driver. With us, you will learn how to drive on roundabouts in the UK, uphill and downhill starts, how to emerge at junctions, and much more. Contact us for your learners guide lesson plan today.

    Our individualised learners guide lesson plan is what sets us apart from others. While others follow a strict curriculum that may not conform with the students learning preference, we stand out. You are responsible for tailoring your lessons in a manner that suits your style in conformity with DVSA standards.

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    Amaxophobia kept me away from the steering wheel for 3 decades and a half. I realised I didn't have a choice anymore when my job made it a necessity. Two confidence lessons changed my life.
    Aiden F.
    Confidence lessons
    I flunked my driving tests twice. My nerves always seemed to trigger at the worst possible moments. Here I learned to calm down, improve my skills and stop overthinking.
    Tsepo Tchacha
    Test Lessons
    The lessons are comprehensive. You learn everything at your pace. I was so confident when I finally hit the motorway that I wasn't intimidated by speeding vehicles.
    Stewart "Didi" Bensson
    Detailed lessons

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    Our instructors are everything you need in a driving tutor

    You need to learn how to drive from experienced hands. The majority of our driving tutors across the UK are Approved Driving Instructors. Few companies can boast of this, often engaging the services of affordable, Provisional Driving Instructors. It is therefore a no-brainer that we have one of the best test score pass ratios in the country, far above the national average. We can help you make that journey today.