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Driving Basics For Beginners

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Some of your most exciting times will be experienced behind the wheel of a car when you first start driving. However, it can also be a little scary. Luckily, we have some great and informative driving basics UK, that will ease your mind and increase your confidence every time you get behind that wheel.

Driving 101

When it comes to driving, and in the UK especially, there are a few rules and regulations that need to be adhered to in order to ensure everyone’s safety. Firstly, as long as there is a licensed driver in the car, 16 year-olds are allowed to drive. Secondly, you qualify for a driving license when you are 17. And lastly, should you wish to hire a car to practice your driving skills, you will need to be over 21 BUT there may be extra charges if you are under 25.

Adrenalin and nerves could get the best of you when you first start driving, that’s why it’s so important to not only know the rules of the road but also make sure you have all the required skills you need to actually handle your vehicle. Once you have all this in hand, driving is sure to be fun and enjoyable…you may even find it to be quite meditative!

Essential Driving Expertise for Beginners

Mastering the driving basics for beginners really only takes time, focus and practice. Apart from your driving knowledge, you will also need to have some basic car knowledge. This includes knowing how to start your car (is it a normal key or the more advanced touchpad?), whether your gears are manual or automatic ( automatic is easier but manual allows you to truly feel the car as you drive), whether you have enough fuel, how to turn on your windshield wipers ( you don’t want to get caught in a thunderstorm on the freeway and not know this!), and how the lights work outside and inside your car. Don’t forget a very vital aspect to all of this – enjoy the ride! If you’re looking to sharpen up your motor skills, or starting to learn how to drive, contact us. Qualified professionals are here to help you get your licence. Cheap lessons in the UK. Approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).