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Help for Stress on Your Driving Test Day

You can do this!

Feelings of worry and nervousness are normal before an upcoming test. Often stress-related feelings can be beneficial as they challenge you to work harder in preparation and give your all for the test. The problem comes when those feelings overwhelm you and make it impossible to perform at your best.

Be in control

To be a safe driver, you need to control your emotions. Many unpredictable things can happen on the road, and keeping your cool can make the difference in your and others’ safety. Being well-prepared for the driving test is a vital step, but even those who do prepare have anxiety.

Work on turning negative thoughts into positive ones, like, “I hate tests,” can be changed into “I can do this.” Notice your body’s response, like shaking, sweating or gripping the steering wheel tightly. Practice deep breathing to relax your body so you can focus, approaching every task aware and in control.

Overcome Stress and Pass the Test

Uncontrolled stress and anxiety can cause drivers to lose focus of what is necessary to stay safe, such as missing road signs and turn-offs. Controlling emotions and overcoming stress in the driving test is one way to ensure that you are ready to brave the open roads on your own.