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Learning To Drive A Manual Car

Learning to drive a manual car

Manual gearboxes have become commonplace and traditional. However, automatic gearboxes have gotten increasingly popular. As a result, it is has been largely opined that manual driving may be at risk of extinction. Learning to drive a manual car will allow you to drive any vehicle, whether automatic or manual. At first, it may appear to be outlandish, yet once you learn the driving basics, you will not ever struggle again.

Having Trouble With A Stick Shift?

Ordinarily, manual vehicles have three pedals known as the accelerator, brake, and clutch. It is easy to understand how these three operate; the brake slows down the vehicle while the accelerator speeds things up. The clutch pedal is the reason driving a manual vehicle seems more difficult than driving an automatic.

Here are the nine basic steps to driving a manual vehicle: 1. Get in the vehicle and put on your safety belt. 2. Start the ignition by putting the key in and turning it all the way to the right. 3. Press and hold the clutch pedal. 4. Move the gear stick into gear one. 5. Rev the engine by using your right foot to hold down the accelerator. 6. Gradually take your left foot off the clutch pedal. 7. Remove the handbrake to allow the car to move. 8. Increase the revs by taking your foot off the clutch. 9. Slowly take your foot off the clutch while you hit the accelerator.

Learn To Drive Manual Cars With Experienced Driving Instructors

A lot of drivers never figure out how to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission. Like learning to ride a bike, learning to drive a manual car might initially seem tough. Once you learn how to drive a car with a manual transmission, you should drive any car, be it manual or automatic. Our experienced tutors can provide you with all the skills you need to get that engine revving. Book an appointment today.