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Get Snow Tyres for the Winter

snow tyres image

What does your driving lesson guide say about driving in the snowy season? Checking your wiper blades, using a battery warmer, and changing to thinner oil? Not bad. However, does it emphasise the need for snow tyres, too? We hope so; otherwise, you may have to get a new driving guide.

Drive Safer and Easier With Snow Tyres

Snow tyres are uniquely designed for the snowy months; so let’s establish a simple truth: they are your best option for snow driving. They provide more traction than regular tyres, due to their exclusive rubber composition, biting edges, and tread depth and pattern. They even trump all-season alternatives! Know why?

Start with the rubber material, specially made to remain soft and pliable in chilly weather. That way, grip and traction stay excellent in winter, unlike regular tyres. Additionally, winter tyres have deeper tread depths and grooves. These designs pump water through the tread, minimising snow accumulation and preventing aquaplaning altogether.


Interstate traveling in December is a breeze with snow tyres. Thanks to their unique above-mentioned specs, not to forget the zig-zag groove series on the treads for firmer grip on ice and snow. Remember, your tyres are responsible for traction creation; other features like anti-lock braking and all-wheel-drive can only improve it.